Product Development

In Okina,the production system which is consistent from plan development of a product to manufacture is established, and the various needs of consumers are reflected on production.  Therefore, in a series of processes to market research, 
plan, proposal, development, approval, sale and training, each section of production, sales, service is united and it strengthens the future product development ability.  Thereby, it proceeds with a time, and while aiming at the product development and renewal which suited the market, new establishment of a market and exploitation of information gathering and a circulation market, and extension are aimed at.

  • Research and Development

    ■ Cooperating with marketing section, it has taken into the product development which takes in advance and carries out the needs of the time.

    ■ When materializing the concept of goods, future needs are fully considered, and scrupulous craftsmanship is carried out.

    ■ Development of a new production method, use of a new material, etc. are taken into the technical development for proposing new worth of goods to customers.

  • Manufacture

    ■ From acceptance of materials to the end products,every process meets quality standards.

    ■ Our products system can satisfy quickly various needs from paste of high viscosity, jelly type or liquid products, from small lot to mass quantity.

    ■ Strict production management maximizes our production efficiency and also builds the production system which can respond at the shortest time as much as possible.

  • Filling Processing

    ■ The quality of the material and form of a container are decided after the quality of the content of goods, functionality, and design are taken into consideration.
    In Okina, the manufacturing system which can respond to the type of packing diversified from a small lot to mass production from large scale to small capacity is built, and it has taken into technical development positively so that the matron's needs can be met.

  • Quality Control

    ■ Products are taken into improvement in safety from all viewpoints to the hygiene supervision of the manufacturing site from the first, so that the quality of the products can be guaranteed certainly for our customers.

    ■ Also when there is any enquire from our customers, the safety of products and ingredient is analyzed and it is striving to send the result investigation to our customers based on a scientific basis.