OEM development means manufacture of customers’ own brand products.
Okina supports commercial production in total from raw material development, trusted filling and also package development mainly to quasi-drugs and cosmetics.

Process to Commercial Production

  1. Inquiry Commercial production request development consultation
  2. Discussion Market Trend Analysis of other products
  3. Planning Construction of Directivity and Concept
  4. Package Presentation Quotation Examination of Material, Flavor, Container
  5. Emendation and Confirmation of Design Presentation of Sample and Customer Evaluation
  6. Determination Decision of Commercial Production
  7. Order Manufacture(Combination・Filling)
  8. Delivery Safety Assessment and Final Confirmation

Process of Import and Sales

  1. Your Company Commercial production request development consultation
  2. Contract Manufacturing Hearing of Directivity
  3. Prescription Investigation Development Examination of Material, Flavor, Container
  4. Pharmaceutical Affair Application Confirmation of Patent and Trademark
  5. Import Documents Application and Procedure
  6. Examination Safety Assessment
  7. Delivery Final Confirmation
  8. Receiving Further Production and Direction Suggestion

Our Handling Products

Oral Care Tooth Paste, Liquid Tooth Brushing Agent, Mouth Wash, Oral Clean Agent, Mouth Spray, etc.
Basic Cosmetics Cream, Milk, Lotion, Cleansing, Mask, Essence, etc.
Cosmetics for Washing Skin Soap, Shampoo, Hair Conditioner, Facial Wash, etc.
Products for Babies Shampoo, Body Soap, Lotion, Cream, Milk, Bath Milk, etc.
Products for Care Oral Clean Agent, Dry Shampoo, Hair Lotion
Others Toiletry, etc.
Trust processing of only combination or filling are also acceptable.
Various product forms, such as lamination tube, bottle, dispenser bottle, portion, stick film, and pouch film can be filled in Okina from a small lot to mass production at customer’s demand. Moreover, we also answer sample filling of small capacity.